Birth A Wow Idea 
and Launch It in 5 Days 
Calling All Muslims Who Want To Spark Change
In Self, Family, & Community


When Muslims made Hijrah to Madinah, they left everything behind. Their future was uncertain, the world was scary, and everything changed.

Arriving with nothing, one Sahabi's first question was...

"Show Me The Marketplace"

Abdurrahman ibn Awf started with nothing but butter. After a series of business-smart deals and trades, he became one of the leading financiers to help the Ummah reach new heights.


The world is changing - and it’s urgent you pivot into the digital world. The ground is shifting from beneath your feet faster than it ever did before.

As we come out of lockdowns to witness the "new normal", the landscape is already strikingly different. What worked for you in the past, may no longer serve you in this new world. 

In these 5 days, you will learn how to overcome the top 3 obstacles so you can launch your own business, project, or social cause right away...


In 5 days, Muhammad Alshareef will walk you through...

1. How To Tap Into Your Inner Leader

You must first light the fire beneath you, build your confidence, and find your passion. You'll end the first day fully ready to take on your new chapter in life. 

2. How To Discover Your "Wow" Idea

The goal here is not "make money". It's to craft an idea that'll bring you, your family, and your community benefit, joy, AND profit, in sha Allah. You'll learn the exact formula, Muhammad Alshareef uses to discover "Wow" ideas. 

3. How To Start Now Without Self-Doubt

You've had an itch to do something for years, but self-doubt, hesitation, and a long list of excuses stopped you from taking the first step. You'll learn how to mute those voices and break through the cycle of in-action. By the end of 5 days, you'd have your "wow" idea LAUNCHED, in sha Allah!

4. How To Be A Person of Influence

Now that you've crafted and launched your "Wow" Idea, how do you create true fans, followers, and agents of change? You'll learn mistakes people still make years after getting started, so you can keep the momentum going beyond this Challenge.

5. How To Overcome the 4 Deadly Hurdles You'll Meet in the Market

At the end of 5 days, you'd have launched your "Wow" Idea and your journey would have just begun. You'll be equipped with your personal toolkit to take on the 4 deadly hurdles you'll meet along the way. 


The prerequisite to this challenge is that you're willing to take real-time action. Because this is a 5-day highly interactive and massive-action challenge, there is no time for fluff, no time for excuses.

It doesn't matter if you've been in business for years or have never gotten started.
It doesn't matter if you already have ideas  or none at all.

It doesn't matter if you have little financial capital or no business expertise.

Today, we welcome:
  • Moms and dads who want to launch home businesses
  • Coaches and mentors looking to grow their reach
  • ​Aspiring socialpreneurs who want to influence change through business
  • Professionals who want to elevate or change careers
  • Action-takers who want to benefit from community and find their tribe 

Because the Challenge is about 
we're cheering you along the way 
with the chance to win prizes like...

**prizes are to encourage active participation inside the Challenge, and NOT registration for the Challenge**


In the span of 5 days, you'll learn about yourself, your strengths and soon-to-be strengths. 

You'll discover your true passion and what you can bring to the world. You'll see how taking action inspires people in your inner circle, your family first and foremost. 

By accepting this challenge, you would have already taken the first step to your new chapter, in sha Allah. 

My friend, the world is in need of your service, your skills, your leadership. Bismillah. 

Starting August 30, 2021

Muhammad Alshareef and his team will be inside with you, taking the steps and mentoring you along the way. 

The "Show Me The Souk" Challenge may never happen again, so make sure you get in before August 30. 
Look, this is a LIVE and highly INTERACTIVE
massive-action CHALLENGE,

which means there is no time for fluff

Everyday for 5 days you will take real action to launch your "Wow" Idea.

Meet Your Mentor For the Next 5 Days

‣ Founder of DiscoverU, Deen-Based Personal Development

‣ Founder of AlMaghrib Institute, Largest Islamic Sciences Student Body in the English World

‣ Creator of the Visionaire and DreamWalker Movement- inspiring thousands of Muslims to design and strategize their Dream Life By Dua. 
Muhammad Alshareef carved out his life by dreaming big, strategizing smart, and topping it all with incredible reliance on Allah. His mission is to grow people and businesses by showing them, not what he can do for them, but what they can do for themselves through Dua. 

He’s the creator of the famous Visionaire Lifestyle; founder of AlMaghrib Institute; founder of DiscoverU; leader of the #1 Umrah and Hajj mobile app; and one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims - a list compiled and published by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan.

Starting August 30, 2021

Muhammad Alshareef and his team will be inside with you, taking the steps and mentoring you along the way. 

The "Show Me The Souk" Challenge may never happen again, so make sure you get in before August 30.
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